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BJ's Wholesale Club - No Frills Mentality Meets Low-Shrink Results

Protos Security is a proud partner with BJ's Wholesale Club where we provide permanent, temporary, emergency, and event security services nationwide at their locations.


BJ's loss prevention efforts are headed by Charles Delgado, its vice president of asset protection. Delgado is the type of person eminently suited for a role as an LP executive. He combines the qualities and know-how of a good detective, yet has the sensibilities of a sales operation manager; a crucial combination unless you want to have every single product on lock down.


Delgado brings a wealth of investigations experience to BJ's. He served in the United States Navy shortly after high school and then proceeded into a sixteen-year career with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, where he was an expert in fugitive apprehensions and gang intelligence, developing a skill set that would eventually give him an uncanny insight into organized retail crime (ORC). After working a loss prevention stint at Target, he was asked by BJ's to come aboard and form an investigations program to combat the new emergence of ORC. He remains there four-and-a-half years later.


Delgado most certainly has his work cut out for him at BJ's. As he explains, "If BJ's didn't have an investigations model, the stores would potentially be a soft target. The clubs are an area of opportunity." The massive size of the stores, between 85,000 and 120,000 square feet, coupled with the relatively small staff for a store of this size and the sheer number of products makes a combination that could potentially be disastrous. Says Delgado, "Due to our big-box environment, BJ's has the square footage and size to maintain at least three times the inventory than that of a normal retail environment. Therefore, we are at a greater risk in terms of the impact and damage that an ORC group can inflict in a short period of time." As a matter of fact, it's precisely within this environment that BJ's has been able to achieve shrink numbers that are among the lowest in its industry segment.


Excerpts from the Featured Article

BJ's Wholesale Club - No Frills Mentality Meets Low-Shrink Results in the LP Magazine
Written by Adam Paul  - LP Magazine - January 2012

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